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PMP Management Co., Ltd. is an organizer of the 3rd Exhibition on Material Handling & Machinery Exhibition. In the exhibition, full range of Material Handling & Machinery such as packaging and manufacturing machines from both domestic and international producers are available. In addition, in order to respond to the need of industrial business in this digital era, the exhibition has given one whole zone for Digital Technology and Logistics product show cases to boost productivity focusing on quality, cost reduction, energy saving, shorter time of production, and environmental friendly through the use of auto system. The collaboration among businesses joining the exhibition is industrial key players and SMEs that are considered as major business operators of Thailand. They act like important mechanism to boost economy for the country in this competitive world.
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25 Mar 16
26 Mar 16
รายการ เวทีข่าว Mar 16
16:45 26 Mar 14
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08:32 24 Mar 14

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