MHE-Exhibition MHE-Exhibition

Who we are?

PMP Management Co., Ltd. is a organizer of Material Handling Logistics Warehouse and Packing Machinery exhibition(MHE & PACK MAC Exhibition) with the support by the institution and Industry Association

The company was founded on March 20th, 2010. We are marketing company by started with offline marketing event focus to support our industrial business customer like Seminar, Roadshow event and printing media. We have subsequently taken that experience and build customer base to became an exhibition organizer for presenting the logistics, warehouse, industrial equipments and packaging "MHE & PACK MAC Exhibition"

The exhibition to showcase the new technologies and innovations that help you reduce costs, save time and save energy in Transportation, material handling system, robotic, automation system and packing machinery from domestic and international manufacturers. At the exhibition, you will find this…

Material Handling Logistics Packaging Machinery
Warehousing & Storage Solution Industrial PackagingPacking
Weighing Solution Food Packaging
System & Software Solution Coldchain Logistics Tools